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Cold Calling. Just the phrase sends shivers down your spine, doesn’t it?

Back in my day (I’m about to reveal how ancient I am, now.),

I recently attended (and captured on video) a women’s conference. The whole conference was about empowering women. I was probably one of only 3 men in the whole conference room filled with about 100 women. That’s an unfair balance of estrogen to testosterone, if you ask me.

But…I was not intimidated. Why?

In March of 2016 we were approached to help a company convey a message to it's employees about it's charitable giving. The President wanted to help employees understand that the giving that takes place, wasn't just about giving money, it was about seeing lives changed. 

Logo Design. This is a view of a concept draft to final render. 

We have been blessed this year to help so many companies and individuals with media support... we love to help see media tell stories to reach people. Industrial products to dancing, sales flyers to websites... we strive to give our best.

Here is a nice shot that we took with Colorado Aerial Images, LLC of the front of Weld County Garage. We added in some minature tilt shift effect to give it some coolness!

George Gray and the Elvis Experience had us videotape their concerts before Union Colony Civic Center got their own video equipment. Just a fast look at a few snippets 2008 to 2012 

Nothing is as impressive as an establishing shot from 400' in the air! Here is a quick look at our sister company Colorado Aerial Images, LLC.

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