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That’s right…I’m a college professor again this coming semester at AIMS Community College here in Greeley, CO!

Wow! 100 years of Rotary in Greeley, Colorado! If you asked me just 2 months ago what Rotary is and where it came from, I’d have no clue. I’ve vaguely heard of Rotary Club a sparse few times in my life. I really had no idea what it was or what it was for, though….that is until we were hired for this project!

…that’s the kind of email I love to receive!

One thing I’ve come to expect as a video production professional: this job takes you to some unusual places, doing unusual things and meeting unusual people…and animals.

…They both like to make mooooooovies!

Ok, that was lame, but give me a break...I’ve been working long and hard on this video!

It is true, however,

In my 17 years as a video production professional, I have heard almost every reason why a company doesn’t need video. Literally…I think I’ve heard them all. I’m not going to insult your intelligence by saying all those reasons are wrong. Some of these are legitimate reasons. But…I AM saying that almost all of these are rooted in misconceptions, and can be remedied with just a little bit of knowledge. So, if you’re willing, let’s jump in!

I love being a part of a church who appreciates our input and ideas. This idea came about as several leaders in our church met together to talk about what we should do for Easter. The idea “then Jesus” was presented as a theme for the video we were making for the service…and before we knew it, that was decided on as the theme for the whole service!

So…you’ve hired a video production company (me, of course, right?) to shoot and edit together a promo video for you. The day of your shoot has arrived but you have no idea what to expect. Let me help you out with that….

Have you ever tried improv acting? Improv experts make it look so easy, but good improv takes practice! The great thing is that this kind of practice is fun!

I’ve never been a caregiver…not that I would turn it down, but it’s just not something that has been asked of me yet. But….I have great respect for them.

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