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I am Not Intimidated by Powerful Women. Here's Why...

I recently attended (and captured on video) a women’s conference. The whole conference was about empowering women. I was probably one of only 3 men in the whole conference room filled with about 100 women. That’s an unfair balance of estrogen to testosterone, if you ask me.

But…I was not intimidated. Why?

A woman becoming empowered, empowers us all. Let me explain.

My Facebook feed is filled with stories of violence against women in the middle east, and that breaks my heart. Did you know that, under sharia law, women are viewed as property? A man may rape, beat, use and abuse any woman who is his wife. If a woman is raped, she must bring forward 4 men as witnesses, otherwise she is to blame for sexual promiscuity and punished! That, for me, is inexcusable.

As terrible as that is, it has another drawback – lost ingenuity. In those nations who adhere to sharia law, they are not as advanced in technology, inventions, healthcare, or pretty much any industry you can think of! Why? Because half of their population isn’t allowed to vote, work, or even contribute ideas! Women are thought of as “less” than men in every area of life, so their ideas are quickly dismissed. In focusing on oppressing women, these men have doomed their countries to a life much like the European “Dark Ages”.

Which takes me back to this women’s conference. I’m happy to be surrounded by women who see themselves as my equal, who have great ideas they are using to create something new, who are just as comfortable taking care of their children as they are taking care of a new client. Women who are full of confidence help propel us all forward. They benefit us all.


So…I was happy to get this video done. Cynthia James was one of the main speakers this year at the Women Creating Our Futures Conference. She’s incredibly poised and polished. She left her career as a successful actress (starring on such shows as Knight Rider, Days of our Lives, and Magnum P.I.) and a marriage to Louis Gossett Jr. to start a successful coaching and teaching practice.  She speaks out of love for all of those women in the audience and she shows her compassion for all of the downtrodden women of the world. Watch and enjoy!