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Planning a Few Hours of Fun on a Business Trip

As I was scrolling thru photos, I saw photos of our business trip to FL. Every year one of our best clients – International Society of Neuronal Regulation (ISNR) – hosts a conference somewhere in the US, but somewhere different each year. They have hired us to provide video services for this conference every year for the past 13 years! In Sept 2016 the conference was in FL.

Ah, Florida…the sweaty armpit of America.

I mean no disrespect to Floridians, but c’mon…the place is so muggy and damp that even your mold has mold! Yuck. HOWEVER, I will say that Florida is beautiful – so many beautiful palm trees and the deep blue water along sandy beaches…. incredible.

Now…here’s the hitch…when you go someplace like this for business, sometimes you’ll be in and out so fast that you never leave the hotel, except to attend a meeting or two, and then back to the airport! I get it…if you’re in a time crunch, you want to just fly in, do the job, then get back home. But if you don’t really need to get back home right away, might I suggest taking a day or two to actually SEE the city you’re in? Pick a few places that are unique to that area…things/animals/places you’d never see in your hometown.

You could see in this video recap that Angie (my wife and biz partner) was getting bored by the last day of conferences…she really needed a break. Thus the creation of the little paper man. Lol

We had planned an extra day at the hotel with which to pack and ship gear, but since we worked so fast, we were able to take most of that extra day to visit some of the local favorites! - All of the gross weirdness of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, a magic show, a few games of pool, and a few swims in the pool. We crammed quite a few fun things into our off hours in the evenings and our extra day!


Planning at least 1 extra day after you conclude business is something I highly recommend simply because it is a great way to de-stress, so that when you come home to your family you are refreshed and ready to take on the world again!